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Life Insurance Companies

No evaluation of life insurance policies is complete without a closer look at the companies who offer them. A major prerequisite for any insurer is financial strength. the company you select must be able to survive business cycles, economic downturns, volatile financial markets, and competitive forces to meet its obligations to customers. It should also have a history of solid performance with a record of fulfilling those obligations.

Their are literally 1000's of well respected life insurance companies. Here are some of the most popular: West Coast Life Insurance Company, First Colony Life Insurance Company, Sun Life of Canada, Banner Life Insurance Company, First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company, Old Republic Life Insurance Company. Our Compulife database of over 160 life insurance companies ranks in terms of lowest term life insurance rates.

Beyond strength and performance, look for more difficult to measure qualities like character, integrity, service- which show that a company has its policyholders interests at heart. To learn more about the financial ratings of the different carriers please visit the A.M. Best Company website.

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